Clutch Assembly, 17-Tooth, 50cc-110cc 125cc Semi Automatic


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  • Uses 17 Teeth Drive Gear
  • Popular in 50-110cc semi-auto engines
  • Some full-autos may use this
  • Will NOT fit 18T drive gears

CLUTCH ASSEMBLY IS MACHINED FOR THE 17 TEETH SMALL DRIVE GEAR located behind the clutch assy and this little 17T gear just slides on the crankshaft.  Clutch assembly meshes with this drive gear. 90% of 50-125 engines use this clutch configuration.

Very popular disc style clutch assembly used in 50cc thru 110cc engines. For positive ID of your clutch, we recommend that you remove the right engine cover and inspect before ordering. This clutch is NOT used for manual style clutch or handlebar mounted clutch levers. Most popular in ATVs or semi-auto engines, 50cc thru 110cc. Some full automatic engines use this style also.

Again, inspect yours before ordering. There is a drive gear located behind this clutch and it is wise to count the number of teeth on that gear. 17 teeth or 18 teeth. We have found that the TAO TAO ATVs use the 18 teeth drive gear and 90% of all others use 17 teeth.

We stock both clutches at all times. There is a pesky clutch nut and locking washer that holds this clutch on. That pesky clutch nut takes a special socket that we also stock and sell. Our shop uses an air impact wrench to remove the pesky clutch nut.

We also sell a high performance Clutch Factory Disc Set for this clutch and is not very hard to install the disc kit instead of replacing this entire clutch assembly. The Clutch Factory Disc Kit is shipped with the special tool or socket included. You will also need a clutch cover gasket for this installation in the event your old gasket falls apart.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review